A Triste With Stepsis | Monica Brown, Kristof Cale

Ever since Monica Browns dad got married to a new woman, she has been a little shy about hanging out with her new stepbrother. She has met him before, and she thinks he is really cute. But she does not know if it would be weird for her to make a move on him. After all, they are technically family now. But if it is wrong, why does it feel so hot? It is like she is in one of her favorite porn videos. When she comes to visit their parents house, she is greeted by our stud at the door. She feels a tingle in her panties as he looks her over from head to toe, and she is reminded that she cannot keep her eyes off this guy. What will she do if someone finds out that she feels this way about her stepbrother? She is not sure whether she should just turn and run or give it a shot. He shows her where she will be staying and gives her a little tour of the house, and she tries to ignore the fact that her pussy is soaking wet. But then she starts to think. Who cares what everyone says? I think this guy is cute and I want him, so I am going to go for it! She walks to the bathroom, letting her towel hang seductively from her body. He sees her cute, perky tits and has a feeling that she is sending him a direct message of lust. He has felt the connection too, so he is going to act on it. He meets her in the bathroom and pushes her up against the wall. They kiss passionately before he slips some fingers in her tight young pussy. Then, she swirls her tongue around the tip of his cock, savoring her stepbrothers flavor. As the lucky guy strokes at full force inside her cunt, Monica wonders how she did not fuck him sooner…

Rates : 26