Secrets Of Prague Episode 5 – Lady Dee, Lexi Dona (SexArt / 2015)

The ancient axiom regarding life, lemons, and lemonade is passionately put into practice in the penultimate installment of Andrej Lupin’s riveting lesbian series, “Secrets of Prague Episode 5.” After being locked in a hotel wine cellar by unscrupulous rivals, Lexie Dona and Lady Dee take stock of their unfortunate situation. The next stage of the game is well underway and there appears to be no way out of their predicament. Being bumped out of competition under these circumstances reduces Dee to tears, but Lexie reassures, consoles, and comforts her. And then, locked in an oddly romantic setting, the lovers find a way to make the best of a bad situation. Lexie, a fierce competitor in the game, is equally eager and energetic as she strips off Lady Dee’s top and bra, and then impatiently tugs down her pants and panties and hungrily sucks her beautiful bald cunt. After bringing Dee to one sweet peak of pleasure, Lexie ups the intensity and begins two-fingering her partner’s pussy while skillfully stroking her clit until a powerful climax is achieved. Lexie, an assertive and aggressive seductress, is no passive partner when Lady Dee goes down on her beautiful body. While Dee licks and sucks Lexie’s groomed gash she moans, gyrates, and humps her pussy against her lover’s face and meets each pump of her fingers with a thrust of her own. Mere moments after being probed and stroked to orgasm the opportunity to escape their captivity presents itself and the teammates hastily dress and rush off to rejoin the competition. Which team will solve the puzzle and win the contest? At this point it’s impossible to guess, but it’s guaranteed to be wildly entertaining and satisfying to witness. Stay tuned for Episode 6!

Rates : 5