Showcase: Gia Derza | Kendra Spade, Gia Derza

Gia Derza and Kendra Spade are relaxing in the bedroom at a party. They laugh and joke, mentioning that even though they’re both 18, they still get shy at parties and always seem to find a private corner to hang out in, just the two of them.

It’s not long before the subject of guys comes up, but every time Kendra mentions a new guy that Gia might be interested in, Gia doesn’t seem to be into it, her attention focused on Kendra.

Soon, Gia mentions that she has to go to the bathroom and asks Kendra to go with her. When they go to the bathroom and close the door behind them, Gia just gazes at Kendra, her eyes glinting suggestively. Kendra’s confused. Didn’t Gia have to use the bathroom? Well, she didn’t ACTUALLY have to use the bathroom, Gia admits, she just wanted to be alone with Kendra. She can’t stop thinking about the two of them being…TOGETHER. Catching on to what Gia means, Kendra is reluctant, insisting that she doesn’t like girls.

Gia asks her how she knows if she’s never tried it, suggesting that THEY try fooling around to see if Kendra likes it. Kendra’s hesitant because they’re best friends, but Gia convinces her. After all, who better to try something new with than your best friend?

Gia leans in and kisses Kendra, who tentatively returns the kiss. Gia takes the lead and eases Kendra’s top off, revealing her perfect tits as Gia tongues her hard nipples.

Looks like these best friends have turned this bash into a party of two!

Rates : 16