Stalker 3 – Mona Kim, Shrima Malati (SexArt / 2015)

The third installment of Andrej Lupin’s “Stalker” series follows in the similarly stealthy footsteps of the two previous offerings. Here the stars — Mona Kim and Shrima Malati — are relaxing by the pool unaware that an observer (or observers) is lurking nearby. After enjoying a brief dip, the petite and exotic beauties go inside and towel off — and their unseen voyeuristic visitors follow close behind. As the twosome get comfortable on a couch, the peepers take their positions: one outside peering in through a window, the other brazenly stationed inside the house just outside the room the two tempting targets occupy. Mona takes the lead, first straddling Shrima as they kiss, and then moving down to eat her. As Shrima’s orgasm approaches she strokes her clit and grabs Mona’s wrist to set the pace of her fingering. Next, with Mona on her back, Shrima licks and fingers her partner, and Mona, aroused and appreciative, arches her ass off the cushions providing unimpeded access. Mona then moves on to all fours and reaches down and begins to masturbate as Shrima vigorously probes her from behind until a vocal orgasm is achieved. This torrid turn of events proves too exciting for the clandestine observers and an unintentional noise reveals their presence. Shocked out of their shared afterglow, Mona and Shrima jump up and the stalkers race off — an appropriately abrupt ending to an enjoyable and intriguing interlude.

Rates : 2