Water Game Part 1 – Tracy Lindsay, Vanessa Decker (2016)

Tracy Lindsay and Vanessa Decker are fooling around in the pool with their friends, looking adorable in their skimpy bikinis. But when the “Water Game” ends and the girls go indoors to get a drink, the fun really starts. Tracy wraps her arms around Vanessa to squeeze her big breasts, and then slides a hand into her panties to rub her pussy as Vanessa turns around to embrace her. Casting nervous glances towards the door to ensure their friends don’t catch them, Tracy fingers Vanessa’s juicy slit feverishly, covering her mouth to silence her moans as she comes. Vanessa sucks Tracy’s nipples and frigs her hard, then kneels to eat her pussy until she’s shivering with pleasure. Tracy strums her own clit and Vanessa finger-bangs her to an orgasm that is all the more intense for the need to stay quiet. As they return to their friends, it seems their tryst will remain a secret for now… but you’ll have to watch the second episode of this two-parter to find out what happens next!

Rates : 22