Fighting for Love – Pristine Edge, Xander Corvus (2015)

Super sexy Pristine is horny for her man and who wants to give him the reward for protecting her the night before from some serious issues. Xander is both a lover AND fighter. But she’s only interested in the lover part and is trying her best to keep him from going out so he can stay in and satisfy her needs… which are deep, but very satisfiable. Luckily for her, it doesn’t take much convincing – event hough that’s part of the fun – as he realizes how much better it would be to stay in with this gorgeous gal than be anywhere else. Once her mouth is around his cock, she knows she’s succeeded and the real fun can begin… which starts with her mounting and riding him – a favorite position for both of them. Several positions later and the fun keeps going as her sweet pussy gets more and more wet. Come on in and see for yourself how these two both come out as winners! Enjoy! 🙂

Rates : 10