Give & Enjoy – Nikki Dreams (2017)

So what did our naughty hot wife Nikki get up to next while her husband sat and watched? So many of you were ready for a lot more of her slutty behaviour before her husband’s eyes . Like all things that you embrace, some have a habit of developing as you relish the moment and in this case the excitement of being with another lover . So having enjoyed her first random encounter with a strange unknown lover, Nikki’s confidence has certainly blossomed as she sets her eyes on a new, fit toned cock that she wishes to devour with gusto. This time she isn’t the quiet one who is anxiously sat waiting, blindfold in place and nervous wet palms and an eager clit. No this time Nikki is very much the lady in charge, and wanting to show off to her husband the inner slutty temptress she really is. This time we see even the blindfold is covering his eyes and not hers before they get to meet. So out of curiosity, who do you position yourself to be? Do you imagine yourself as the husband, the anxious adoring husband who stand aside for another man? The man who carefully offers a helping hand to his cherished wife, providing some final adjustments to her beautifully revealing lingerie. Or the would be suitor, the new young lover with a thirst for a hot wife who is more than ready to enjoy the tempting body that is before him. Or maybe you might fancy imagining yourself as Nikki herself, the loving yet thorough naughty hot wife who for all but a few hours will forget who she is to enjoy the very singular physical act of fucking a stranger for the sheer thrill and excitement that she can and even more so encouraged by her…

Rates : 16