Prove You’re Not A Cop | Kristen Scott, Robby Echo

Kristen Scott, a masseuse, is waiting for her next client when she gets the feeling she’s being watched. She looks towards the window and sees a guy, Robby Echo, peering in. It seems like he’s scouting the place out, which instantly makes Kristen suspicious.

When she meets Robby at the door. Robby claims that he couldn’t see a sign outside, so was looking in through the windows to make sure he had the right place. Yet, Kristen’s suspicions grow when she learns he doesn’t have an appointment and that he’s there for an erotic massage, which isn’t something they offer. How does she know he’s not an undercover cop??

Although Robby is still shy and awkward, he tries to prove to Kristen that he’s not a cop. As he lifts his shirt to show that he isn’t wearing a wire, Kristen isn’t convinced, so she demands that he strips down completely naked. Even though Robby is flustered, he does what he’s told…

Once she sees that Robby isn’t wired, Kristen relaxes. Deciding that he’s legit, Kristen leads him to the shower to begin the massage. Things get hot and steamy as the touches arouse them, which leads to Kristen dropping to her knees and sucking cock. Robby doesn’t leave her hanging as she takes his turn pleasing her, giving her pussy a taste. Satisfied and eager for more, Kristen leads them out of the shower and to a mattress for the main event.

As Kristen pours oil over their bodies, it’s not long before she slides down onto Robby’s cock. As they get caught up in the heat of the moment, all fears of Robby being a cop disappear from Kristen’s mind. There’s no way he can still be a cop after all that, right??

Rates : 25