Time For Me – Michaela Isizzu (SexArt / 2015)

Sexart’s Andrej Lupin has a knack for telling tales, he’s a filmmaker with a unique ability to weave erotic interludes into elaborate and engaging narratives — as he demonstrated most recently in the “Secrets of Prague” series. But he also has a gift for evoking mood, creating intimate environments, and making more from less. This film’s title, “Time for Me,” is also its script. Those three simple words are plot, character arc, backstory, theme, and (unspoken) dialog, all rolled into one. Michaela Isizzu, in an open robe and green panties, walks onto her patio, a glass of wine in one hand, a bowl of salad in the other. She sits, relaxing in the quiet and enjoying her solitude. A bite of food, a sip of wine, and whatever concerns she may have melt away and are replaced by the simple pleasures of this moment, this place. Her thoughts take a subtly telegraphed turn. She begins to caress and explore her body. This pre-title sequence is as beautiful as anything Lupin has ever shot, and Isizzu is a breathtaking vision of loveliness, but the director and his star are only warming up! After the titles Isizzu returns to the table with a bottle of body oil. She clears a space on the table, sits on it, and applies a generous helping of the oil on her torso and breasts. The scene of autoerotic pleasuring that follows unfolds at an absolutely perfect pace. Michaela becomes increasingly lost in her imagination as her hands and fingers explore, caress, stroke, and penetrate with ever increasing intensity. The camera floats overhead briefly, occasionally it pulls back for full-length views, but most often it’s in close, filling the frame with the exquisite beauty of Michaela’s enraptured face, or the splendor of her body in the vigorous throes of orgasmic bliss. A mesmerizing performance by a breathtaking beauty, captured with masterful technical skill and polished artistry, “Time for Me” is for anyone who appreciates true excellence in erotica.

Rates : 5