Sex Dance | Full Movie | 2019

Thin, athletic, graceful: Clea Gaultier is a beautiful young woman with a body sculpted by her passion, dance. She has been practicing since she was very young and her ultimate dream is to join the Ballet of the Paris Opera. You can only audition twice in your life, the competition is tough, very tough, and the jury really ruthless. The big day has finally arrived for Cléa. Behind the scenes, she gets ready with her friend Amirah Adara. The stage fright is immense. The jury is composed of the sublime choreographer Anissa Kate and the teachers Rico Simmons and Lorenzo Viota. These are not only very selective but also particularly strict. Cléa and Amirah won’t be allowed any mistake. After Amirah, it’s Cléa’s turn. Everything starts well for the beautiful young woman. The judges are under the spell … but alas, she hurts her ankle during the audition. It’s over for her. The implacable Professor Rico even comes to the dressing room to tell her that one rarely recovers from such an injury. Clea is desperate. Will she have to give up her passion for good?

Her friend Amirah would like to know if she passed the audition. Professor Rico refuses to answer her, but summons her for a much more intimate interview with him and Professor Lorenzo. Rico quickly undresses the young woman and the choreography becomes much hotter … Amirah knows how to use all her assets: she greedily sucks the two teachers before giving them all her holes in a very hard scene of double penetration. If both members of the jury are not convinced by her performance after that … Meanwhile, Clea goes home and calls her lover Kristof. He will do his best to give her maximum pleasure, first with his tongue during a long cunnilingus and then with his sex to make her forget her failure. There’s nothing like some orgasms to stop thinking and feel better!

Cléa will have to change all her plans. There’s no way for her to give up dancing, her only passion. From now on, she’ll keep practicing in a club in the Pigalle district. Of course, the atmosphere is different from that of the gilded halls of the Opera. Here is the world of the night, girls are naked and objects of lust for all men. In transparent and ultra-sexy outfits, beauties follow one another around the pole dance pole. And customers do not lose a crumb. Some dancers, like Paulina Soul and Jennifer Amilton, agree to go further with some customers in the club’s alcoves. Ricky, the boss, closes his eyes and he finds that Cléa is a little too shy. But the man is not a pimp so far. Besides, he is going to save Cléa from the too wandering hands of a young drunk stallion. This one will finally take advantage of Paulina and Jennifer’s charms. Under the dim lights of a private room, the two young women will offer him a memorable fellatio before giving themselves to him.

Will the prude Cléa be able to blend in this world of the Parisian night? Maybe … In the meantime, she has to face the jealousy of Tiffany Leiddi, another great dancer of the club who suspects her of flirting with Ricky, the boss with whom she is in a relationship. But under his looks of a mafia pervert, Ricky is protective with the girls who work in his club, and faithful to his personal dancer. Tiffany will see it when Clea leaves his office. He certainly did not use his sex since it is all ready and tense for her. The adorable young woman then hastens to make good use of it and give him all her holes.

Will Cléa, finally give up on entering the Opera? Since each candidate can appear twice, and only twice, in front of the jury she has a chance, she knows it. The young woman seems to be adapting better and better to the naughty nights of the capital and their universe. But when you have a dream since childhood, it is difficult to let go. Once again, destiny will give him a little help … One evening, very special customers are present in the club where Cléa works. The choreographer Anissa, Professor Rico and Professor Antho have come to slummer … or rather show their perverse side well-hidden when they are at the Opera.

Soon, Ricky tells Cléa that the trio wants only one thing: a private dance and much more with the young woman. Until then Cléa had always refused such kind of extras. And if, she did it? Just this one time? And if the members of the jury only waited for it to offer her a place in the Ballet, the one of which she’s been dreaming forever? And if Cléa liked that? Because after all these nights seeing the bodies of others dancing and feeling the sexual tension, the young woman has changed. She is now more liberated, and she is going to prove it. Cléa agrees to join the trio in a private apartment. There, the young woman submits with infinite pleasure to the orders of the beautiful Anissa who has put her on all fours. She then give herself to each of the members of the jury in an intense foursome.

Rates : 483