Cocktails for Three – Gina Gerson, Kristof Cale & Jayden (2015)

The only thing better than one cocktail is two… and Gina likes her cocktails. Luckily for her, she’s found two guys to help her with that – and they’re just as excited as she is. Gina’s slim sexy body is enough to get any man excited and these guys are no exception. After some nice petting and licking, Gina wraps her mouth around one as the other sticks his hard cock inside of her, slowly and steadily. It feels so good, she finds it difficult to do two things at once – but not for lack of trying. Then the roles change, as do the positions, but the pleasure levels remain the same. That is the goal after all, and they are definitely into meeting those goals. 🙂 Come on in and see for yourself just how well they do at that… we think pretty good. 🙂 Enjoy!

Rates : 9