Secrets of Prague Episode 3 – Cristal Caitlin, Elisa B & Leila Smith (SexArt / 2015)

The competition heats up and takes an unexpected turn in the third episode of Andrej Lupin’s “Secrets of Prague.” The teams have been given clues to locate a particularly conspicuous modern architectural landmark in the city. Once you’ve seen it you’d never forget it, but finding it based on cryptic clues proves difficult. And when Vanessa Decker refuses to follow teammate Leila Smith’s hunch they finish last and get bounced from the competition. Angry and hurt, Smith wanders off to lick her wounds and happens to bump into a rival team — Cristal Caitlyn and Elisa. When they see how sad and disappointed Leila is they decide to try and lift her spirits, so they take her to the hotel bar and share a bottle of wine. And then they share each other. Before long Elisa is between Leila’s legs greedily eating her pussy and then she fingers and frigs her to orgasm. After a brief pause to remove what’s left of her clothing, Elisa starts in on Cristal with lips, tongue, and fingers, as Leila caresses her from the rear, resulting in a strong climax for Ms. Caitlyn. Then positions shift again, now Cristal goes down on Eliza and deftly brings her teammate to a quivering, quaking, breathy orgasm. But the three-way afterglow is short-lived — Leila is suddenly overwhelmed by guilt and makes a hasty exit. Unexpectedly abandoned, Caitlyn and Elisa are surprised by this turn of events, but it’s quickly forgotten when they spontaneously indulge in an intense session of tribbing. A thrilling threesome, a “Dancing House,” and a romantic reconciliation are the three key ingredients of “Secrets of Prague Episode 3.”

Rates : 15