The Visa Inspector | Lola Shine, Kira Queen

Kira Queen and her girlfriend, Lola Shine, rent a room in the Fake Hostel, and as they lounge around, Lutro Steel barges in claiming to be a visa inspector. Kira and Lola are skeptical, but hesitantly show Lutro their paperwork. Lutro tells him they don’t have their section 10 visas, and section ten is called sex-tion for a reason! The ladies decide to ditch him and make a break for it, but when they see how big Lutro’s dick is, they decide to stick around and have some fun. Kira gives Lutro a sloppy blowjob while he sucks Lola’s tits, then the ladies suck his dick together. Kira and Lola take turns riding Lutro’s big cock, each achieving orgasm, and then let him cover them both with a facial.

Rates : 25