Used For Her Pleasure | Kathy Anderson, Carlo Minaldi & Ian Scott

Carlo Minaldi and Ian Scott have trashed their room in the Fake Hostel, and have to answer to the raw power of the Landlady, Kathy Anderson! Kathy walks in and clears her throat, then demands an explanation. Carlo and Ian begin to clean, but Kathy counters by pointing out that they only paid for one bed, but have been using two. The lads offers to pay in the morning, but Kathy doesn’t want money: she wants cock! Kathy spreads her legs to show her pussy, then takes turns sucking and stroking the pair of dicks. Kathy rides Ian reverse cowgirl while he smacks her ass, then climbs into a bunk with Carlo to cum. After Kathy has her fill of both men, she gets on her knees so they can both give her a facial.

Rates : 12