Don’t Bring Me Down | Emylia Argan, Max Dyor

Busty beauty Emylia Argan is seen in silhouette as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Don’t Bring Me Down” begins, her voluptuous curves irresistible. She’s joined by Maxmilian Dior, who shrugs evasively as she waves a pair of lacy panties in his face, clearly annoyed. He reaches out to her as they fight, passion flaring, until she takes control and pushes him on the bed. Straddling her errant lover, Emylia pins him down and kisses him hungrily, then peels off her high-waisted panties and grinds her hairy pussy on his face. Her ass cheeks ripple alluringly as he licks her, throwing her onto her back to eat and finger her skilfully. Pants off, he sucks her hard nipples, then lets her guide his stiff cock into her soaked pussy. She gazes into his eyes, gasping as he fucks her with long, slow strokes, then speeds up to drive her wild. Emylia takes charge again, sucking and licking her man’s thick dick, then sitting astride him in reverse cowgirl and riding furiously, big breasts bouncing. Her orgasm is intense, followed by a second as he fills her with his hot cum, their fight forgotten.

Rates : 13