Juice – Kendra Star, Mona Kim (SexArt / 2015)

Andrej Lupin’s camera moves in close as a knife slices into the succulent flesh of a ripe orange. As the fruit is cut into wedges the perspective changes and we see that we’re in an airy kitchen flooded with light, and that exotic beauty Mona Kim is watching the citrus cutter with affection and amusement. Then Kendra Star puts down her knife, picks up a piece of orange and feeds it to Mona as the prelude to a kiss. But this isn’t simply the sharing of healthful snack, it’s the start to a hot, sweet, and sticky session of sapphic sploshing. Mona’s trim body gets drizzled with fresh-squeezed nectar and eventually both of the lovers — one petite and delicate, the other busty and voluptuous, and both making their debuts in a Sexart HD erotic feature film — rid themselves of their clothes and enjoy a leisurely bout of lip-smacking sex-play atop the kitchen counter. Mona goes down first, licking the heady mixture of juice and the fluids of arousal off her playmate’s pussy. Then she slides two fingers into Kendra and brings her to breathless climax. Mona then reclines on the counter and Star licks and fingers her skillfully to a sweet release of her own. “Juice” ends with eye-pleasing footage of Mona’s tongue licking sugary droplets of OJ off of Kendra Star’s ample breasts, a tangy and torrid conclusion to a uniquely tasty piece of playful lesbian erotica.

Rates : 2