Loss | Emylia Argan, Cassie Del Isla

Gorgeous brunette Emylia Argan walks through the starkly beautiful winter landscape, as Andrej Lupin’s tender, erotic movie “Loss” begins. Her mind is full of passionate recollections, as she sees herself in bed with sexy Cassie Del Isla. They embrace hungrily, hands roaming over each other’s hot body as they kiss. Emylia sucks Cassie’s stiff nipples and slides a hand into her lace panties, before peeling them off. She works her way down to Cassie’s shaved pussy, licking delicately, making her gasp with pleasure. Cassie lifts her hips to meet Emylia’s mouth, as her girlfriend eats her to an intense orgasm. Now Cassie lavishes attention on her lover’s big breasts, stroking and squeezing them, lapping at her nipples. She follows the neat line of dark hair down to Emylia’s wet pussy, licking until the busty babe’s boobs jiggle wildly, then fingerbanging her to a powerful climax. Back in the present, Emylia’s memories of love and loss give her a rush of overwhelming emotion.

Rates : 17