My Vision – Paula Shy, Sabrisse A (2017)

Up in the attic, flicking through some dusty old books, gorgeous Sabrisse reads something that triggers a torrid erotic fantasy. She succumbs to “My Vision” – herself and busty beauty Paula Shy on the couch in their underwear, kissing and touching. Sabrisse rubs Paula’s pussy through her panties, turning her on; Paula straddles Sabrisse on the couch and uncovers her perfect breasts, sucking her stiff nipples. She kisses her way down Sabrisse’s body, fingers seeking out her slit through her white panties. She peels the panties off and Sabrisse eagerly raises her pussy to Paula’s mouth; Paula licks her avidly, fingers a blur as they rub her clit. Sabrisse grabs and squeezes Paula’s beautiful big breasts as the Asian cutie fingerbangs her wet slit, making her writhe in ecstasy, her body flexing and contorting as she reaches a loud, powerful orgasm. Paula lies back and Sabrisse kisses and fondles her sensational body, licking a trail down to her hot pussy, sucking her clit with intense focus, fingers thrusting inside. Head thrown back, Paula climaxes hard… and Sabrisse returns to reality, her imagination thoroughly stimulated.

Rates : 4