Rammed For A Raise | Brooklyn Chase, Ryan McLane

Brooklyn Chase is about to lose her job, and she cannot let that happen. She needs this gig and will do anything to keep it. Luckily, she is super hot and has a bouncy ass to use as a seduction tool. So, when she finds out she is about to get the boot, she pleads her case with one of her bosses. What can she do to make sure she gets to stay? She beats around the bush until finally she blurts it out. She’ll fuck him! That is an offer he cannot resist, especially as he slides his prick in and out of her tight cooch. Brooklyn can see that she has him by the balls as he slams her cunt. And as he blows his load all over her chin, she is in total control. Not only is she going to keep her job, but her pussy just got her a raise!

Rates : 36