Room Of Secrets Part 4 – Vanessa Decker, Matt Ice (SexArt / 2016)

The concluding episode of Andrej Lupin’s atmospheric series “Room of Secrets” begins with Kiara Lord spying on Vanessa Decker and Matt Ice, echoing the start of the first episode. But this time we are given an alternate reality, with Kiara choosing to observe rather than fantasizing about herself taking part as Vanessa and Matt kiss passionately. Vanessa goes down to lick Matt’s stiff cock, smiling up at him as she sucks him deep. She straddles him and sinks down on his bone, riding slowly at first, the rhythm picking up as her pleasure grows. Vanessa moves into a squat so she can bounce on him faster, before Matt flips her onto her back, eating her skilfully and then thrusting back into her in missionary. She grabs him for a deep kiss as her intense orgasm hits her, then jerks him off over her beautiful breasts. Kiara, still watching and masturbating, brings the series to a satisfying climax with her own stealthy orgasm.

Rates : 17