Urgency – Kendra Star, Fernando (SexArt / 2015)

It’s been said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but in Andrej Lupin’s “Urgency” a period of forced separation from her lover has made Kendra Star not only fonder, but also very lonely, and extremely horny. Even though she knows Fernando is hard at work on a business project, she pulls out her favorite vibrator, picks up her phone, and gives him a call. It’s not long before a session of phone sex begins, and when Kendra sends Fernando a picture of herself masturbating he abruptly terminates his project. Then he grabs his keys and jumps in his car — all this without hanging up and ending the phone sex session. When Fernando joins Kendra the buzzing toy is deep in her box. After a kiss to celebrate their reunion Fernando assumes control of the vibrator and adds his clit-teasing tongue to the equation. Temporarily satisfied, bosomy Kendra applies her sucking skills to Fernando’s tool, and after that an extended session of cock-in-pussy passion unfolds. Kendra starts out on her back, moves onto all fours, then sits on Fernando’s lap for an upright reverse ride that has her big, beautiful breasts bouncing as she moans and gasps with orgasmic pleasure. The intensity continues to build after Kendra turns to face Fernando and they fuck, hard and fast, until Star milks thick cream from her partner’s throbbing prick. Bathed in the warmth of a dramatic sunset the couple drink a toast to their love, adding a final romantic fillip to the engaging and intensely erotic film that’s so aptly titled: “Urgency.”

Rates : 9