Caught Up – Nancy A, Rosaline Rosa (2017)

Andrej Lupin’s wet love special “Caught Up” begins with raven-haired Rosaline Rosa taking a shower, watched by her sexy blonde lover Nancy A. Although Nancy initially protests, Rosaline pulls her under the cascading water, which immediately soaks her white top and thong. They laugh and fool around, and as Nancy’s beautiful breasts become visible through her top, they kiss and explore each other’s super soft skin. Rosaline looks into Nancy’s blue eyes and unbuttons her top until her perfect breasts tumble out. She grabs and squeezes them together, peels the sodden top off and sucks Nancy’s hard nipples hungrily. Nancy backs Rosaline against the tiled wall, slips a hand between her legs and rubs her slippery pussy, before trailing her tongue down her stunning body, licking at water droplets as she makes her way to her shaved pussy. Nancy flicks her tongue in and out of Rosaline’s delicious hole, lapping at it like a cat gorging itself on cream. When Nancy’s eaten her fill, she fingers Rosaline’s sopping wet slit until her body tenses up and she climaxes, panting breathlessly. Rosaline smiles and still reeling from her orgasm, reciprocates by pressing her firm breasts against Nancy’s back and sliding off her soaked white panties. She sinks to the floor and clamps her mouth onto Nancy’s sweet pussy, then pulls back so that she can extend her tongue and lap lasciviously up and down her girlfriend’s slick and tender slit. Nancy moans blissfully and it’s not long before her body starts to buck wildly in response, especially when Rosaline drives two fingers forcefully inside her while simultaneously flicking her tongue over her protruding clit. As Nancy races towards boiling point she grabs Rosaline’s head with both hands, and seconds later climaxes – hard and howling. The girls giggle, kiss and caress, evidently delighted with their spontaneous outpouring of mutual lust and affection. Be sure to watch the closing credits for a stirring black and white sequence…

Rates : 5