Fire Dance – Ariadna, Margot A (2016)

Synopsis: After a glowing sunset on the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca, Andrej Lupin’s incendiary “Fire Dance” finds Margot A and Ariadna dancing topless, kissing and touching playfully as flames flicker around them. Their passion burns hotter and they move to the bedroom, their mutual lust evident from the way they zealously French kiss. Margot takes charge and pushes Ariadna onto her back for some oral worship. Having sucked Ariadna’s nipples, she trails her tongue down her lover’s body, clamps her mouth on her hairy snatch and simultaneously eats and fingers her to a climax that leaves her trembling. Margot straddles Ariadna, bending backwards to receive a couple of saliva-slick fingers. She writhes at Ariadna’s touch and orgasms rapidly, then flips around into a sixty-nine and teasingly wiggles her ass and pussy in Ariadna’s face. Ariadna responds by parting Margot’s labia and licking her voraciously. Margo reciprocates as Ariadna drives two fingers inside her hard and fast until her body quakes and she comes again. They lie together and kiss, before Margot uses her tongue and fingers on Ariadna for yet another explosive orgasm. Completely sated, the fiery couple gazes into each other’s eyes, breathless and burning up with mutual desire.

Rates : 5