La sexologue / Sexology – Full Movie (2014)

Tess, une étudiante en doctorat de biologie, rédige une thèse sur la manière dont le rythme, la position ou la stimulation peuvent avoir un impact sur le plaisir sexuel féminin. Lors de son enquête, Tess doit effectuer de nombreuses observations et recherches sur le terrain. Alors, que veulent vraiment les femmes ?

Sexologist is a woman trying to rebuild the sex lives of many couples. She has her office and all couples who want to be treated flock to this place. In one scene we can see the beautiful sexologist treating a couple in their presence makes them have sex. She is directing them how to do to be both satisfied. The woman grabs the hard cock of her husband with hands gives a good blow job while stroking the balls and then let her succulent pussy drilled on the couch while watching sexologist delights.

Rates : 24