Multiple Squirt Massage – Marika (2017)

At the beginning of this film, there’s little indication of what will soon happen. It starts calmly and quietly, but after skillful rubbings from her masseuse, passion takes over and the soul submits to pleasure. And that’s when the explosions begin.

In the process of passion, she loses perhaps a liter of fluid. Fascinated by the eruptions, you will easily lose track of how many times she comes. The “coconut milk” flows and squirts from her vagina, covering the table and dripping onto the floor. With all the fake squirting videos out there, this is extremely rare footage of an actual free-flowing orgasm.

This is what happens when the mind, body, and spirit come together under the pressure of the carnal force. Everything changes. On a creamy string of little deaths (as the French call it), the human will is crushed and nature takes over. To witness such a beautiful transformation is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Rates : 19