Sexual Stopovers / Escales Sexuelles | Full Movie | 2019

Dear travellers, last call for flight “Dorcel Airlines” number 69 to destination… orgasm! Yes yes yes, it’s official: the mythical “Dorcel Airlines” series is back on your screens. In their new uniforms, the new stewardesses Cléa Gaultier, Lucy Heart, Nesty and Rihannon Ryder are to be enjoyed! Discover their adventures in this new chapter entitled “Sexual stopovers”, directed by Liselle Bailey. Unbuckle your seat belts and prepare for takeoff. The 7th Heaven is in sight….

Meanwhile, the pretty Rihannon Ryder is boarding a flight… When she meets the captain’s eyes, she can’t help but blush. These two are looking for each other. And they’re going to find each other! As the flight was well underway, the captain came for coffee and she quickly served it to him. Then, he massages her feet and puts her against a wall of the plane. He pulls down his panties and pulls up his skirt to lick his charming little ass. Rihannon is in seventh heaven… She moans under his fingers that penetrate her little pussy. However, lovers must remain silent so as not to wake up passengers. Rihannon then takes the sex of the handsome captain in her mouth before a wild doggy style. There is definitely something going on between the flight crew members…

Flight attendants don’t just make their colleagues fantasize. Today, 4 of them are in the living room of a rich residence. A blonde woman is here to choose one for a very special mission. It’s the lovely Lucy she’s pointing to. She quickly finds herself on board a private jet. A young man appears and sits in an armchair. He is the eldest son of the owner of the airline Lucy works for. The young man watches Lucy from every angle: it’s okay, he seems to like her. The blonde then explains to Lucy what her very special mission will be. And the young woman is delighted! She starts to lift up her skirt and pull her panties down in front of the young man. Very quickly, he takes out his sex and takes it fiercely upright. Lucy loves it….

Rates : 198