Take Your Son To Work Day – Farrah Dahl, Seth Gamble (2016)

Before leaving on tour, Seth Gamble pesters his dad for some spending money. Big Chief speaks to his wife Farrah Dahl about how she will have to take on the responsibility of watching Seth. Farrah refuses, making it clear that she has a business to run and doesn’t have time to watch over her ruthless stepson. But with her husband away on tour, she really doesn’t have much choice but to bring him to the Nuru Massage where she works. Seth waits for his mother on the couch, his patience wearing thin, but curious to find out what exactly what her job entails. Looking through the door, he sees Farrah completely naked, massaging her client. Seth doesn’t know what to think, but his sexuality intensifies for his stepmother, eager to get his own Nuru Massage. Farrah is not keen on the idea, in fact, believes it’s a really naughty bad one, but she’s unable to keep her eyes off her sons cock, and with her husband on the road fucking other girls, why can’t she have her own hungry pussy satisfied too?

Rates : 35